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The Greek word “Kosmo” means to decorate.

Jewel (the Greek word “Kosmima”),  means each ornament, which is used for any reason. It is a product of the first areas of human craftsmanship.

Since prehistoric times, man has impressed by the goods of nature that surrounded him and began to select and combine the rarest of them, to make them ornaments.

The first ornaments were jewelry-necklaces and rings of shells, beautiful sea rocks, bones, wild animal teeth  and other items that were worn as a means of demonstrating special ability, power, law and creation, thus gaining the appreciation and respect for others .

In the course of centuries, with the discovery of metals and processing capabilities developed the art of ornamentation, an art that requires except the imagination , special technical knowledge and capabilities.

The Non-industrialized jewelry making has not changed significantly from the ancient times. Even today we use techniques, used by jewelry manufacturers in Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and Byzantium!

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In our workshop Paramythias Xoris Onoma , we combine ancient techniques such as the "lost wax" with modern science to shape and color the metals, offering original and unique creations.

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